Monday, October 15, 2007

60 and Counting

60 years of –
Broken promises
Lost trust
Things gone haywire
Wrong priorities
Shattered hopes

Yes all that has happened. We have enough and more people talking about what could have been done. Enough individuals lambasting what all didn’t happen. They say 60 years is a long time. Yes it is.

So I dedicate this series to the other side. Moving forward I’ll bring out those aspects and happenings that bring a smile to my face. India is not amiss. There is a lot going in our favor. 60 years have not been wasted.

Watch this space for more!!!


Masood said...

watching.... :P

neha said...


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that somebody has chosen a different path.

But as the past cant be altered, One must question why should we talk, think and discuss about it. Someone has said - History always repeats itself. *I dont think he meant it in the literal sense.*
And so past is there for us to learn, to be studied and analysed.

So the thing important about Past, whether good or bad, is not what is was, but rather why it was the way it was.

So I hope the author who is gonna continue the series, though there is enough doubt in it :), would, while bringing smiles to our faces, tell a way to smile more in future.

Iya said...

No doubts on my continuing this series...
I agree when u say that there is a lot to learn from past.. I am not denying that...but neither do I want to write about that..
We as a nation love self pity and I am only trying to make my readers see the other side :)
don’t think it’s that bad an idea...